Toddler survives after shooting himself in the head

- A St. Cloud toddler is back home recovering, after an accidental shooting.

2-year-old Ethan Walker takes a stroll in his driveway, its the same place where deputies say, an accidental shooting happened back in January.
As the adorable and talkative, toddler takes each day step by step, his mother Dana, describes what happened outside her St Cloud home.
"He was outside playing, a bunch of us were outside and I went in to help with dinner and when there's 6 adults here its not something we really thought of being an issue," Walker said.

According to investigators, Ethan found a handgun in his grandpa’s pickup and accidentally shot himself.
Relatives say it was under some metal material in the side pocket,
"He was playing with papa in the truck and I went inside and next thing I know my life was flipped upside down," Dana Walker said.
 The bullet went into his head, "It went up and out back here, so there is part of the brain damaged apparently, from the CT scans and his recovery it doesn’t seem like it’s caused much of a problem with him," Walker explains.

Dana spent 73 days with Ethan in the hospital.
"It’s absolutely a miracle, there’s not doubt about it. I’ve heard it from every doctor, nurse and anybody that’s been at that hospital and saw him, whether a night of or three days in, we were like, we didn’t expect him to make it 12 hours. Nobody did. Nobody.  And now he is here talking and eating."

Dana has some advice for other parents, "Even if you don’t personally own a gun, anybody that’s close to your children, find out who owns them and where they’re at, because that can prevent anything like this."
Osceola deputies say they filed charges of failing to secure a firearm against the grandpa, however, it’s up to the state attorney’s office to decide, if they’ll pursue those misdemeanor charges.
"There's something going on, but apparently its going to be something minor and everyone knows it was an accident."
Walker said she’s not mad at her father in law.
"You can’t blame him for that, but then like I told him, you can’t blame yourself. It wasn’t intentional," Walker said.

Dana says she lost her 4-year-old daughter Jaden a few years ago after dealing with a neurological disease. But she says the whole experience helped her deal with Ethan’s recovery.

"I don’t know if I could have survived these 73 days if I hadn’t already had a taste of hospital life, the way I had it with her." This grateful mother, now has a Phoenix tattoo on her arm to symbolize the love she has for her baby boy. "Ethan has had to be reborn and regenerated after this entire situation. But for me personally, I myself had to be reborn and regenerated after losing Jaden, so he is my rebirth, so for the two of us together it fits."

"This is so amazing. It is so amazing. I say it everyday. He’s absolutely my miracle." She believes divine intervention had a hand in Ethan’s recovery. "I know he has angels looking over him. God and angels and everybody else. He’s got a big sister up there looking over him and my father. And I think they’ve been with him every step of this way."Dana also wants to thank the doctors, nurses and even neighbors, "I appreciate all the support I was given and the prayers. Keep them coming because they’re working. I know he’s destined to do something amazing."

Dana says there's a fund to help with Ethan's medical expenses. To donate visit Ethan's Go Fund Me Account.

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