Troy hit with rash of air conditioner thefts

The last thing many would think about is their air conditioner - but in Troy a thief used the weather to their advantage.

At the Hidden Forest subdivision in Troy, 17 air conditioner units stolen in the recently. Many residents in the sub, located on Mesa Street, didn't even know they were stolen - or when - until recently.

Residents like Uma Mittel didn't didn't even know it happened or when.

"Our friends kept calling and said, 'Do you have your ac there, because ours is gone.'  We were like ok let's see, and they were gone. It's like crazy."

"It was just somebody casually looking out realizing an ac unit was missing one after another," said resident Parag Chandrakapure. "It was like one after another, like what's going on."

It took a while for anyone to notice the air conditioning units were actually missing. It was cold out so no one was turning the air on. 

But there wasn't any snow on the ground so that meant there wasn't any tracks leading to the missing air conditioning units. 

"There are lots of young kids in the area," said resident Gautam Singh. "So everybody was really worried about the safety of everyone and considering this is Troy, it is really unheard of.

Once they contacted police - residents realized they weren't the only ones who were targeted..

At least 30 other people have had the parts or the units swiped from the side of their house over the last few weeks.

Leads ran cold until the thief struck again Sunday night - this time on foot there was snow on the ground.

Troy police arrived and it's canine unit tracked the suspect to his house not too far away. He is being held on other charges until the investigation is complete.

Police suspect the 30-year-old man was turning the copper in for cash at a Detroit scrap yard and using the money to support a drug habit - one he has been arrested for before.

Although police believe they have their man, residents here aren't taking any chances.

"All of us are looking to secure our neighborhood a little more," said Singh. "With more cameras and maybe signing up for neighborhood watch programs and just keeping eye on things a little bit more."

A costly lesson, but one they believe will stave off any other criminal activity and make their neighborhood safer in the long run.
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