UDM law students warned of possible tuberculosis exposure

Students at the University of Detroit Mercy Law School got an unnerving email about their health and safety.

Now they are wondering what will happen next.

'Tuberculosis Exposure at UDM Law' was the subject of an afternoon e-mail sent by the Dean of law at University of Detroit Mercy on Tuesday.

It's a concerning headline, and it's one that might have gotten lost or overlooked in students' inboxes, which is what almost happened to student Roeiah Epps.

"Until you brought it to my attention, I didn't think about it," Epps said. "Because we get so many emails a day and most of us in the evening section, we work full time, so we rarely check them as we should."

Once she did read the email, it said:

"... There may have been an exposure to tuberculosis within the UDM law community. ..."

The weight of the words settled in, she said.

"We're in very closed environments, especially for someone like me - I have kids," Epps said. "I don't want to expose them. They can go to school and expose other kids, and it could be like a domino effect."

Tuberculosis is a potentially life-threatening infectious disease that commonly affects the lungs. It spreads from sneezes and coughs and treatment of the disease could last for months.

"I have been to the doctor  the last couple of weeks and they keep saying that it is a sinus infection," Epps said. "But now with this, I think I need to let my doctor know about the possibilities because I don't know.

"I wouldn't think anything extreme like tuberculosis."

In January, FOX 2 reported an alert issued by the state, saying a dental worker may have unknowingly been infected and spread it to hundreds of patients from August to December of 2013.

FOX 2 attempted to reach officials from UDM to see if the potential exposures are related but calls for comment were not returned.  

FOX 2  was able to speak with the Dean of Law Phyllis Crocker, who confirmed that she was the author of the email, but declined to say what prompted her to send the email out.
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