University of Michigan fraternity shut down after damage at ski resort

There won't be any more ski trips for the frat boys of Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Michigan. The fraternity has been permanently shut down, after members got in trouble earlier this year for causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage at a ski resort up north.

The brotherhood has now come to an end. You can call it a lesson in loyalty or more fittingly, the cost of it. The University of Michigan Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu was dealt its death blow Tuesday. It's international board voted to disband the chapter permanently after it trashed the ski resort in Gaylord.

"Obviously you gotta take responsibility for your actions. You gotta think about the way you're representing the university family," said student Michael Hendrickson.

"I think it's fitting if you do something as bad as that, you have to follow the consequences," said student Alyce Khalifa.

But causing roughly $400,000 worth of damage was not the worst of it. The fraternity boys would not come clean about trashing the resort and they refused to rat out their brothers.

"The boys decided to circle the wagon and sacrifice a fantastic fraternity to protect those who really ironically ended up destroying the fraternity," said Alan Greenberg, who serves on the fraternity's alumni board.

Greenberg has been involved with the chapter since 2004. That's when Sigma Alpha Mu came back on campus after a five year hiatus. It had just ten members eleven years ago.

Greenberg said "I helped build the chapter up. Within three to four years we were the most outstanding chapter among all 51 Sammy chapters and for seven years we received that award which is something that's never been done before since our 105-year history."

Making the revocation of its charter that much more dramatic. The university had banned the chapter from all campus activities for four years while it was pleading with Sigma Alpha Mu's Board of Directors to dissolve the chapter. Greenberg said the students are not the only ones to blame.

"I also fault the parents because the parents could've taken some action to have their children come forward and do the right thing and not one person not one parent did that." said Greenberg.

Fox 2 tried talking with members but no one would comment. The Greek letters that stood above the entrance to the frat house are now gone and the chapter that - like a Phoenix, rose from the ashes - is now down and out, never to rise again.

Greenberg said "We had the top grade point average for the last eleven semesters straight, on Michigan's campus, besides all of that raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity mostly donated to the university's cancer center. This is all gone now."

"It's unfortunate they would rather dissolve the fraternity in the name of brotherhood than to have someone come forth," said Billy Evans who lives next door to the frat house.

With the charter revoked, the members have been placed on the alumni status which means they don't have active memberships anymore. They will be allowed to stay at the frat house until the end of the semester. State police are still investigating what happened at that ski resort. It's unclear right now if they will face any criminal charges. 

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