Victim testifies against alleged attacker in sex assault hearing

A Detroit woman faces her alleged attacker in court Thursday.

The hearing happened one month from the day she says he raped her and left her naked on the city's southwest side.

On Thursday a rape victim spoke out against her alleged attacker in hopes of justice.

She relived the moment she says 31-year old Ali Alriashi forced her into his sport utility vehicle on Detroit's southwest side on May 25.  

Attorney: "Why were you cooperating?"

"Because I didn't want to get hurt," she said. 

Attorney: "Were you still thinking of the gun?"


Attorney: "Were you in fear of your life?"


She said he drove her to a secluded area and forced her to have sex with him in the back seat.

"He tells me as long as I cooperate he won't hurt me," she said. "He kept asking me what was my name. He kept saying 'I'm only doing this because you are young and beautiful.'"

The 19-year old victim claims Alriashi eventually threw her clothes out the window of his vehicle and told her while she was still naked to "get out before he changed his mind."

He previously faced charges for raping another woman in southwest Detroit but the case was dropped earlier in the week when that  witness failed to show up in court.

Defense attorney: "You didn't want to go to report the violent rape as you describe it, because you didn't want to go to the hospital."

"But I did," she said.

Defense attorney: "Yes nine or 10 hours later."

During the preliminary hearing the defense continued to press the victim on what he saw as inconsistencies with her story. He asked why she didn't run from her alleged attacker when she had the chance and why she didn't have any injuries as a result of the rape.

Still the judge found there was plenty of proof to send Alriashi to trial.

His next court date is set for July 2.
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