VIDEO: Middle schooler hurls offensive racist insults at Oxford teen

A middle school student in Oxford says she was bullied because she's black. It was caught on cell phone video as a boy called her the n-word, a 'cotton picker' and even takes a swing at her. Now her parents are demanding answers.

The video is filled with f-bombs and the n-word, both shouted over and over again. 

The scene played out at Oxford Middle School Monday afternoon as a group of kids waited to be picked up from class shortly after 3:00. Seventh grader Tatyana Harris was at the center of it all.

"I was minding my own business - I had my phone, I had my headphones in - I was minding my own business and then he came over and snatched the headphones out of my ear," Harris said.

The 13-year-old says she's been having problems with the 14-year-old eighth grader for months. On Monday, he delivered a racist rant that will make your skin crawl and even admitted to her that he was "extremely" racist.

She and her friends hit record on their phones and captured a disgusting and possibly criminal rant.

Tatyana says the bully not only verbally assaulted her but physically assaulted her as well. She says he pushed her and she hit her head and on Tuesday, her doctor diagnosed her with a concussion. The alleged bully also took a swipe at another kid recording the altercation.

Principal Dacia Beazley say they regularly talk to the students about bullying and this kind of bullying is unacceptable.

"I couldn't watch it. It was disturbing; I cried because it's hurt," Beazley said.

She also said teachers spent the first period Tuesday with students talking about what happened and what can be learned from from what was caught on camera. That video was immediately uploaded to Facebook by a student and viewed on social media thousands of times.

"Everyone is very very upset with the situation. It's not Oxford," Beazley said.

As for the 14-year-old who appears to be both a bully and a racist, he was disciplined Monday by school officials who eventually broke up the fight. He's not in school and the investigation continues while his ultimate punishment is not yet known.

As for Tatyana, her mother, Florissa Bell, says she'd like to send her daughter back to school but is worried about her safety.

"Something could seriously happen to my daughter. It's sad. Racism is alive and well, it's crazy!" 
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