2-year-old's answer to infamous 'trolley problem' no one saw coming

- A video of a young boy's answer to the infamous trolley problem is going viral on social media. The video was uploaded by his dad, E.J., who is a moral psychology professor. He says he was discussing the trolley problem with his class on the first day of school and thought it'd be interesting to see how a 2-year-old handles it.

The trolley problem is a moral dilemma that often "tests" people on their ethics and morality.

The general form of the problem is this: A trolley -- or train, as in E.J.'s video -- is going down the tracks heading straight for five people. There's a lever you could pull that would divert the trolley to another track, but one person is on that track.

Do you interfere and save five people to kill one? Or do nothing?

E.J. presented his 2-year-old son with the dilemma, and his reaction was one that no one saw coming.

"Which way should the train go?" E.J. asks his son Nicholas in the video after lining up a wooden train track playset and lying five toy people on one side and one toy person on the other.

The boy grabbed the single person off the track and lined it up next to the other five people, making it seem like he was just saving all the people.

But then the boy drives the train into all six people!

You can watch video of the moment in the player above.

E.J. said he wanted to record his son's response to share it with his class, as they were discussing the trolley problem on the first day of school.

"My wife and I are constantly talking with our son about how properly to treat others -- so this has been teachable moment both for my class and for our son," E.J. says. 

E.J. posted the video on August 31 on YouTube and in 24 hours it's already been watched more than 1 million times. 

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