Carpentry apprentice shoots self in knee with nail gun on second day

A Chicago man who was working just his second day at a new job is recovering after shooting himself in the kneecap with a nail gun.

The man posted the graphic images to Imgur on January 25. He explains that he was working his second day as a carpentry apprentice on a set of condos near Wrigley Field in Chicago when the accident happened.

He was sheeting the roof when he had to step over the gap between two units. As he stepped over, he mistakenly landed on the gas hose connected to the gun. The gun jerked forward and the front of it met directly with the top of his knee, shooting two 16 gauge wood framing nails directly into the top of his knee.

We can only assume that he was holding said nail gun in his hand as he bridge the gap - with his finger on the trigger. When he stepped on the hose, it pulled forward and his finger pulled the trigger.

A co-worker rushed him to the hospital to have the two nails removed, but not before taking an X-ray, which he got a picture of. He also snapped pictures of the heads of the nails in his knee - but those are extremely graphic.

After getting the nails removed, six different doctors came in to tell him how lucky he was for the nails to land where they did. The nails didn't hit any bone, they went between his kneecap and femur. How lucky is that?

“I had 6 doctors come into my room to tell me how lucky I was. All the years spent at a hospital in the lovely Chicago area and they had never seen such superb aim,” he added.

He said he spent three days in the hospital and is done with his carpentry gig: he's now working a desk job.

See the pictures he took in the gallery below. WARNING graphic content:


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