Wolchek Investigation: Random act of vandalism or revenge?

Fox 2's Rob Wolchek recognized a million dollar house in the news recently - because he's been there before.

What does Saul Williams, the kid and Saul, Jr. have to do with the horrible break in and ransacking of this million dollar mansion?

Last week, just like you, Wolchek watched Fox 2's Robin Murdoch's report on a seemingly random act of vandalism. 

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The horrible destruction of a palace like this was so newsworthy, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard held a press conference.

"They stabbed open cans of olives and let them spill all over," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.  "It didn't look like a lot if anything was taken. But quite a bit was damaged."

Who would do something like this?  Could it be any of these three guys?  No, these are the guys who actually lived there.

Wolchek knows, because he actually did a story about them.  Let's go back 11 years.  

Wolchek was out on the streets, the asphalt jungle so to speak.

"It's real, real shoddy work."

Ginny was a lady who'd been flattened by a pushy paving company.  

The year was 2003.

Fox 2: "How did you hear about this company?"

"They came to my door," Ginny said.  "Saul did."

Saul was the leader of a herd of hustlers who hit Ginny's neighborhood. 

"And he said he had extra blacktop left over, left over in their thing," Ginny said.

Yep, the old extra blacktop happened to be in the neighborhood trick. Ginny fell for it. 

"They said $2.50 a square foot but after they did it they came in and said they were charging $4,500 dollars."

And they wanted cash now.   

They muscled money out of Ginny and her neighbors and moved on. They hit neighborhoods all over with the same spiel.

These guys weren't known for their quality work. For one lady's driveway she was charged $3,000 and the big guy collecting the money meant business.

"He wouldn't leave until I wrote him the check," she said.

The leader of this crew of travelers as they're known to law enforcement, was Saul Williams. A guy who I found out had been busted a bunch of times all over the country for what was called an asphalt scam.

Many of the travelers were Saul's own relatives including his own kids who ran machinery they weren't old enough to be operating.

Wolchek thought Saul was just a crude, dishonest slob eking out a living  - until he saw his house.

Apparently the "Hey we're in the neighborhood with some extra asphalt" -ruse was incredibly lucrative.  

Saul and his family lived here north of Clarkston on the same street as Kid Rock.

Wolchek did a special "Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous" Hall of Shame story.

Then he saw the story about the million dollar home being vandalized and recognized it.  

That's Saul Williams' house - and yes, he still owns it. 

It's been 10 long years since Wolchek has been out there, but Saul Williams and his paving businesses have continued to make people mad all over the country.  

Was this really a random act of vandalism or is someone out to settle a score?

Bouchard was asked if he had any thought that the vandalism was revenge.

"That's certainly within the range of possibilities," Bouchard said. "We'll examine whether it's retaliatory or personal revenge."

Bouchard says who ever did this, spent a lot of time destroying things.  

"A lot of ransacking, even painting moved," Bouchard said. "Not a lot of things missing. It had the feel that it was personal."

There's no question that Saul Williams and his crew have racked up many, many more enemies over the years.  Just Google the Williams name and there are articles from all over the country.

The New Jersey attorney general's office hit Saul with a $17-million judgement for consumer fraud regarding the asphalt scam.

And Saul Williams was charged with more than a dozen criminal counts for fraud in Florida a couple of years ago.

He also owes the IRS a few hundred thousand dollars.

And some of his kids aren't model citizens either.  Saul, Jr. has his own US Marshals wanted poster. 

 It says "Williams may be running with others in gypsy paving scam rings."
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