Super supermoon will rise next week

In general, supermoons aren’t that rare – we can get a couple each year.  However, the one we will see this month… well, that my friends, will be one to remember.

What: Supermoon
Where: In the sky
When: Sunday night November 13
Why: Because of science

The November supermoon is being called a “Super supermoon” because it will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than those lame regular full moons.  This will not only be the coolest full moon of the year, but also the best supermoon in 68 years! 

For reference, the last time the moon was this bright was when President Harry Truman beat Dewey in the presidential election (and snapped the iconic picture holding the newspaper with the wrong headline!), the Chicago Cubs were only three years removed from their last World Series appearance until this year, and the Cold War was only three years old.

Enough with the history lesson...let's get back to the Super Supermoon: Why does this happen?  The moon rotates around the Earth, but not in a completely circular motion.  Its path is more of an oval, which means there are certain times it is closer than others.  When the moon becomes full at the point where it’s closest (called perigee) it looks bigger and brighter.  That is a supermoon:


Hopefully the clouds hold off and we can get a good view of it. Will be able to see it? Well, it's still seven days away, BUT the Weather Authority Seven Day forecast shows Sunday will be mostly clear with some clouds.

Check the forecast at and download the FOX 2 weather app to find the best viewing location near you.

But if we don't see it, we won't have to wait 68 years to see the Super Supermoon again. It will be back in 2034!

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