A solution to porch pirates? Michigan company creates the 'Receptor'

Day or night porch pirates have been caught on Ring cameras across the country stealing packages from the front of homes.

Most of the time, they seem to get away with it.

"I think it is crazy all these people are getting these packages stolen all the time," said Missie Nordrum.

"What our product does, it stops them, it puts them completely out of business," said Mike Janas.

With the help of his business partner Missie Nordrum from DB Solutions based in St. Clair County, Mike Janas created "The Receptor."

It sounds high-tech - but the concept is pretty simple.

"I started prototyping it, plywood boxes, to see how well it would work, and how it functioned," he said. "Low and behold, it worked."

The Receptor is the first through-the-wall delivery bin. It is advertised as a safe, secure, and weatherproof space where delivery drivers drop your packages, food orders, and up to eight bags of groceries.

It's accessed by a keypad code - you provide to the delivery service and is controlled through your smartphone.

"Basically we cut a hole in the side of your house – much like you already have, many holes in the side of your house, they are called windows and doors, right? It is the same thing," Janas said. "We cut the hole in, we install this very durable, very secure, box into your house. It is weather tight, airtight and it is done.

"The whole installation takes typically about three to four hours."

The cost is around $2,800, and that includes installation. Janas and Nordrum came up with the product idea a few years ago - but after the pandemic hit - the Receptor seemed to be more needed than ever.

"Nobody wanted to touch anything, they wanted to have all of their deliveries put somewhere," Nordrum said.

Sales for their delivery solution have just started, but the product is already gaining popularity.

The Michigan Manufacturing Association has placed the Receptor as one of the top 10 coolest things made in Michigan.

DB delivery solutions were also recognized as the Best Small Business by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

"I see a problem and I think I can come up with a solution for it, and here I am," Janas said.

If you would like to see what all the buzz is about - GO HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE.