Family of doctor killed in hiking tragedy looking for lost GoPro

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UPDATE 1/5/19: An airline has located the GoPro at the Midland airport


The family of a North Texas doctor who died while hiking at the Great Smokey Mountain National Park needs help finding a camera with her last videos on it.

Dr. Laila Jiwani was hit by a tree last week while she was on vacation with her husband and three children. Although they were on an easy trail, a spokesman for the park said the tree was knocked down by high winds.

One of Jiwani’s relatives has since reached out to American Airlines and others on Facebook. Aysha Moose said her cousin was returning home to the Dallas area after losing his wife and accidently left his GoPro on the flight.

Specifically, it was Flight 5944 from Knoxville, Tenn. to Dallas, which arrived at 10:32 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29.

Moose said the family is offering a cash reward for the pictures and videos on the camera.

“To the person who has this or finds this - you can keep the GoPro, you can keep all of the accessories, all we want is the footage. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread this post and help us find this GoPro. God is great and I know we will be able to retrieve these memories,” she posted.

Dr. Jiwani worked as a primary care physician for Cook Children’s clinics in Lewisville and Fort Worth. The hospital said she was beloved by her patients, their families and her co-workers.

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