Garden City's newest Christmas lights show is a spectacle for the season

What has thousands of bulbs, a greatest hits playlist of Christmas music, and keeps neighbors up at night? A holiday lights show of course.

For the rest of the year, you'll find all of that at the Bostick Family Light Show in Garden City - well, almost all of that.

"Surprisingly, almost all of them (neighbors) have thanked me or have been supportive," said Kyle Bostick. "We've had no negative comments or feedback, it's been very encouraging."

Every day the 35-minute light show dazzles drivers and neighbors. The show features snowflakes on the roof, candy canes in the yard, string lights draped down from a star, and arches along the front path all shining in an impressive display of holiday cheer.

Beginning at 5:30 p.m., about four miles worth of wire transmits electricity to 10,000 lights that illuminate in-sync with a menagerie of Christmas and Trans Siberian Orchestra songs. 

Oh, and some Star Wars for good measure.

This is only the second coordinated light show that Kyle and his wife Christina Bostick have ever put on. After a successful Halloween display earlier this year, the assumption from neighbors was Christmas's showing would be just as impressive.

"I started putting together the Halloween aspect in July. I worked pretty much every day," Kyle said. "Halloween took to about mid-September."

After popular opinion convinced them to go for round two, the Bosticks began planning the Christmas display about the same time he finished setting up the Halloween show. 

On one end is a controller that connects the lights to a computer. That computer then runs software that syncs the lights to whatever music is being played. 

There's also the FM transmitter which broadcasts a signal for anyone to hear on the radio as well. All that requires is tuning in to 95.1 FM when the show starts.

For anyone interested in some socially distanced cheer they're invited to watch the show, which takes place at 29195 Sheridan Street, Garden City. Don't worry if time doesn't work out this week - the show will be up until Jan. 1, playing until 10 p.m. on weeknights and 10:30 p.m. on weekends. 

The Bosticks are also accepting donations to charities for anyone interested in giving money after seeing the show. Contribution can either be with cash or through PayPal.