Lack of bakery supply stores in Detroit leads couple to open Crummy's Cake Supply and Studio

Charlita Knox and her husband Mark left the banking business for the baking business.

"She's mostly the baker - certified pastry chef. Me, I have a bachelor's in business, so we just came together, as a married couple, left our jobs and here we are," Mark said.

However, the couple said there wasn't anywhere in Detroit for them to get supplies.

"All bakers, no matter if you're a professional, you're a home baker, or you're just a hobby baker, they have to go in the suburbs for their cake supplies," she said. "It's not one local, so it was definitely one needed within the city of Detroit."

So the couple decided to open their own bakery supply shop – Crummy's Cake Supply and Studio.

Charlita said her nickname is Crummy because she would always make a mess while helper her Nana bake.

"I was just her little assistant, and I would just have crumbs everywhere," she said.

Now, she will be selling Nana Delores's secret recipe cake mix at her store. Crummy's also has a small classroom and a kitchen, and Charlita teaches classes.

Crummy's opens Saturday at 7114 W. 7 Mile Rd.

"We already had a lot of people already calling. Actually, they cannot wait until we open because we're local, so we definitely have the supplies that they need," she said.