Michigan GOP congressional candidate posts deepfake of MLK Jr. endorsing him

A Michigan Republican running for Congress is facing backlash after a video using the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. to endorse him was posted.

The video posted to Anthony Hudson's TikTok last week includes a photo of the candidate for Michigan's 8th District in Flint, along with deepfake audio from the late civil rights leader.

"I have another dream. Yes, it is me, Martin Luther King. I came back from the dead to say something," the audio says. "As I was saying, I have another dream that Anthony Hudson will be Michigan's 8th District's next congressman. Yes, I have a dream again."


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The video ends with Hudson saying he approves the message.

After backlash, the video was deleted, and Hudson claimed he didn't make it and didn't know it was posted.

Hudson wrote on X that a volunteer gave a friend his social media credentials, and that friend was the one who posted the video. He said that he changed his login information and released the volunteer.

"I would have NEVER approved such a STUPID and DISRESPECTFUL video," he wrote.


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Hudson later followed up with a post saying that he believed MLK would endorse him if he were alive.

"Upon further review of the MLK video in question, I decided to not only not keep my campaign staffer, but also give him a raise as I believe MLK would be disgusted at the complete suffering of Flint Michigan residents under the current administration’s watch," Hudson wrote. "If MLK were alive today- I do believe he would endorse me and my vision for a better Michigan."

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