Police: Inkster mother who crashed into parked van with kids in car had .18 BAC

An Inkster mother is facing a year in prison after driving drunk and crashing into a parked van with two kids in the car.

Shawntae Murphy, 30, was charged with two counts of fourth-degree child abuse in Wayne. Wayne Police say around 8:45 Sunday night, Murphy, with her two children under five years old in the car, was driving drunk through a neighborhood at Chestnut and 2nd Street.

Witnesses say after blowing through a stop sign, she crashed into van and dragged it a ways down the street.

"If you could've seen the vehicles, they were both destroyed. It hit it so hard that the tire was bent right off the car," said Dorothy Gier.

Witnesses say Murphy quickly got out of her car and tried to take off.

"The car seats weren't even buckled in. When she opened the door, the one car seat almost fell out. And the kid was holding his head," Gier said.

But Wayne police say another witness, while calling 911, followed Murphy, so she couldn't leave. Police later learned she had a blood alcohol level of .18.

Murphy's driving record shows her license has been suspended three times and it was not valid at the time of the crash. She was also convicted of drinking and driving in 2012.

She was given a $10,000 personal bond and is due back in court Sept. 17, as her children stay with a relative.