Huel Perkins

Huel Perkins

Hello, my friends! Thanks for watching FOX 2 News and thanks for stopping by.

I'm blessed to have one of the greatest jobs in the world. In the 24 years that I've worked for the station, I've traveled the country with Nelson Mandela, followed the Pope, and covered nearly every major political convention. But best of all, I get to work with some of the most talented reporters, photographers and producers in broadcasting.

Along the way, I picked up two Emmy Awards for reporting and four nominations for Best Anchor. Not bad for a young man who was on his way to becoming a lawyer when he got his first big break in television. I think I made the right choice.

Over the years, I've developed a deep and abiding faith in the people of metro Detroit. Time after time, I've seen us overcome enormous odds. No matter where we live or what we do, there is a sense of community that always seems to bring us together. There is nothing we cannot achieve ... no problem that we can't solve.

In addition to anchoring the 5 p.m., 6, 10 and the Edge at 11 p.m. I also host the popular talk show, "Let It Rip!" at 10:30 every Thursday night. Whenever you watch FOX 2, you'll see a wide range of stories and people. Some of them will make you cry; some of them will make you angry; some of them may even leave you laughing. But at the end of the newscast, I hope you feel that we've been working together for you, trying to solve problems, not just expose them.

We hope it's the information you need to lead a better life.

The latest from Huel Perkins


Primary surprises; state lawmakers unite across the aisle

In part 1 our panel of political pundits breaks down the primary results from last night and what it might mean for the general election in November. In part 2 Republican state lawmaker Tom Barrett and Democratic representative Adam Hollier talk about their unlikely friendship and working together across the aisle.


Tech monopolies testify to Congress; Biden VP pick countdown continues

In the first segment, we discuss the heads of Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon testifying to Congress and getting faced with the question of suppression of conservatives online. In the second segment, we discuss possibilities for Joe Biden's VP pick which is due to be announced next week.


Detroit violence surge brings federal troops; remembering John Lewis

Shootings are rampant across the US including here in Detroit. DPD Chief James Craig talks about President Trump's deploying of federal troops to hard-hit cities. Our panel analyzes the situation. Part 2, we remember the Civil Rights warrior John Lewis who passed away last weekend and the good trouble he inspired.


The debate over the mask mandate

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued a mandate that masks must be worn in public places to limit the spread the coronavirus. Our panel tackles this issue in both segments tonight.


Implicit bias training for healthcare workers; Trump wants school to be in person

The governor is mandating implicit bias training for healthcare workers. It's designed to address the disproportionate impact that COVID-19 has had the minority community. In Part 2, the push to get students back in the classroom for in-person learning, despite the pandemic. President Trump threatening to withhold federal money if it doesn't happen. But is it safe?


Detroit police facial recognition software under fire; COVID-19 numbers flare

A man was falsely arrested based on facial recognition technology. Is it time to pull the plug or look for ways to make it better. Panel: Retired DPD Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt, Retired Judge Vonda Evans and Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Sheffield. ALSO: COVID-19 numbers on the rise in the state. Panel: Dr. Adam Rosh.


The death of George Floyd, rise of protests in Detroit and across the US

Protesters are marching together against racism and for the first time we're even seeing police officers kneeling.Can we heal a wounded nation? Part 1 Ralph Godbee, former Detroit police chief, Dr. Danielle McGuire, MSU Professor and Author, Kristina Karamo, Oakland County GOP. Part 2 Stefan Perez, teen protest organizer, Activist and Pastor Maurice Hardwick and Mary Sheffield, Detroit City Council President Pro-tem.