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Jill Washburn



I’ve lived in all the glamor capitals. Born in Cleveland, raised in St. Louis, moved to Detroit as a high-schooler and never left. I was lucky enough to start my broadcasting career here and have managed to stick around in the city that has become so much more than home to me.


I did my Bachelors’ degree at Michigan State where I earned an art degree that, as it turns out, is not super marketable. I didn’t care. I went there on a track and cross country scholarship, and that’s what I put all my energy into. I was super successful at that, but… it also turns out that a career in running is not a good long-term plan.


Enter reality, which forced me to figure out a legit way to support myself. I bumped around through numerous starter jobs before deciding that stand-up comedy was my calling. Amazingly, I was good at it. Who knew?? I travelled the country for a few years, working the road and honing my skills. It’s unconventional, but it’s the best place in the world to develop speaking skills and a stage presence. Ultimately, that led me to the radio world, and then to TV news.


Several years ago, I caved in and admitted that my art degree wasn’t going to cut it anymore. (Actually, it never had.) I went back to school to study meteorology at Penn State’s World Campus (online school). It goes down in history as one of my best decisions ever. I figured out that I was way smarter than I had ever given myself credit for, and found a field that I loved.


Along the way, my years of budget-friendly do-it-yourself projects have spawned yet another incarnation of me, The Jill of All Trades one, where I share my weird amalgamation of D-I-Y knowledge with viewers in a regular weekly segment.

So, here I sit, in a job I love, at an amazing station, in a city that I call home. It doesn’t get any better than that.  

P.S. (Personal Stuff)

I’ve got a daughter whom I adore, despite the fact that she rolls her eyes at me on the regular. We also have a couple of canines who think I’m the best thing ever because I know where the food bin is, and I let them sleep on the bed.

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Cloudy, rainy, & breezy today, with temps nearly steady. Our high temp will be about 39 degrees, but we won't achieve that until relatively late in the evening.


Rain Turns to Freezing Rain Later Today

Heavy rain early today will change to freezing rain for much of the area this afternoon and then eventually to snow overnight. Temps will slide to sub-freezing readings by late-day.