Electric shovel Fame or Shame: Wolchek digs deep for answers

Shoveling snow is backbreaking work.

But electricity and shoveling sure don't mix. But wait. Now there's the Snow Joe Plus 13-inch 10-amp electric snow shovel.

Will you dig this electric shovel or should we shovel this into the shame pile?

Bill Bushart is a stand up comic. And Bill's more at home on-stage than on-driveway shoveling.  

So Rob Wolchek has got the perfect thing for him.

"The 13-inch electric shovel, how's that?" Wolchek said reading the box.

"It sounds ridiculous," Bill said.

First step, assemble the electric shovel.

"How good are you at building things?" Wolchek asks.

"Not very good," Bill said. "I'm not very good at anything I do Rob.  This is why you picked the right person.  

"This is going to be very entertaining," Wolchek said.

So easy to build, a comic can do it!

The electric shovel is easy to use, just push the safety button, pull the throttle and the powder starts flying.

"Excuse me, Rob,  I have to finish my walk," Bill said.

 "That makes a big difference."

 Bill powers through the snow like a hot knife through butter.

"Don't get me wrong," he said."I'm working but it works."

Like any power tool, the cord can be a problem. Knots on a frozen cord are no fun.

"Look at that," Wolchek said. "The FOX 2 engineering department - shame."

But you know what is fun? The electric shovel.

"Oh you're doing a great job of hitting the camera man," Wolchek said.

This is Bill's patio, this is about 8 inches of snow and ice.

The electric shovel is shockingly good.

"Now this is some old snow," Wolchek said.

"This is some old snow I saved for this shoot," Bill quips.

"That really gets some projection there," Wolchek said.

 It even cuts through thick stuff.

"That baby's cutting right through it," Wolchek said.

Bushart said that even just a few minutes in, he likes the electric shovel better than the old fashioned kind.

"And this doesn't shoot the snow as far as the other one either," he said. "To me that's the best part of it the way it was removing the snow as well."

Once the initial testing was done, it was time for a little snow-down throw-down.

 "I've got my own shovel," Wolchek said. "I'm going to challenge you to a little race."

"You're saying that shovel can beat this shovel?" Bill said.

"I'm saying good old man power versus your fancy pants electricity," Wolchek said.

"That's the horse versus the car," Bill said. "Let's do this."

After a heated snow removal frenzy from both combatants ...

"I think I took you down man," Bill said.

"It was pretty impressive," Wolchek admits. "But let me show you something really cool."

A snow fight ensues - with the electric shovel once again getting the upper hand.

Wolchek: "The Snow Joe Plus electric shovel,  what do you say -  Fame or Shame?"

"Fame," Bill says.

Fame or Shame tests aren't scientific just real people testing real products. 

The Snow Joe Plus electric shovel costs about $100. 
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