Inside the house: Kellom family tells their side of shooting

Two very different stories are being told when it comes to the death of 20-year-old Terrance Kellom.

Sources say Kellom dropped down from the house attack and came at a federal agent with a hammer during a raid. Unlike other police shootings that have happened around the country, both the agent, Mitchell Quinn, and the victim were black.

FOX 2 went inside the house on Evergreen near West Chicago and saw where the shooting took place Monday afternoon. 

The family explained that the account of Kellom wielding a hammer and confronted the agent, is not true. 

"He came down these stairs with the police," said Kevin Kellom, Terrance Kellom's father. "If he had a hammer, why not kill him upstairs?"

Kevin Kellom is challenging law enforcement accounts of the shooting that killed his son.

"The facts speak for themselves," said Ron Scott, activist. "The physical facts speak for themselves."

Sources tell FOX 2 that Kellom was hiding in the attic, dropped through the ceiling, and then went after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Mitchell Quinn. 

FOX 2: "It looks like that (ceiling spot) was patched in."

Scott: "No that's black mold, that has been there since they bought the home - and that was in December."

FOX 2 checked out the room and the likely areas Kellom could have come down from the attic, including a closet.

"As you can see, there's no way possible he came through there," Kellom said. "That's where they say he supposed to have come through."

Detroit police say Terrance Kellom had a hammer and sources close to the investigation say Quinn repeatedly told Kellom to drop it. He refused and the agent started shooting.

"You got the graze, the bullet hole in the floor," Kellom said. "One right here. Another bullet hole."

"All these bullet holes were when he was on his knees."

Quinn was a member of a fugitive task force serving an arrest warrant. Terrance Kellom was wanted on armed robbery and weapons charges.

While police say his father allowed the task force inside the home to search for his son, Scott from the Coalition Against Police Brutality says Kellom didn't have much of a choice.

"He asked for the warrant twice," Scott said. "They never gave it to him. But according to Mr. Kellom said, open up the door m.f. or we'll kick it in."

The Kellom family showed FOX 2 the warrant which appears it was signed at 4:37 p.m. Monday.

Detroit police say the shooting happened around 12:45 p.m. - four hours earlier.

Kellom's family says they knew police were looking for Terrance but he did not turn himself in because his girlfriend is pregnant and is due next month.

When asked why they did not urge him to go to police before they came to find him, Scott interjected.

"All that before the fact issue does not speak to the day of," Scott said, "that his parent told him to surrender. He obeyed and this is what he got. He got killed."

FOX 2 asked Detroit police about the warrant, but got referred to the U.S. Marshals which led the operation. They could not comment on the case. 

There was a statement released from Barbara McQuade, U.S. Attorney. It reads:

"Monday's shooting was a tragedy and we offer our deep condolences to the family. Police work sometimes requires use of deadly force, but officers may use only as much force as is reasonable under the circumstances.

"In a situation like this, it is important to protect the rights of both the deceased and the officer. Therefore, we are closely monitoring the investigation."
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