Graphic testimony in Mateen Cleaves rape case, no decision on trial

- Graphic testimony today in the Mateen Cleaves rape case. There's still no decision on whether he'll stand trial.

A nurse read a statement Wednesday from a 24-year-old woman, who says she woke up to former Michigan State basketball star Mateen Cleaves sexually assaulting her inside a Mundy Township motel in Sept., 2015.

"'I remember my clothes off,'" read Michelle Most, a forensic nurse. "'Him on top of me and started to have sex. I think he had a condom on. I pushed him off, rolled off the bed and ran outside.'"

Most testified Wednesday on the second day of his preliminary exam that the alleged victim admitted to having six beers and some shots before ending up inside a room at the Knights Inn with Cleaves.

"'I just gave up,'" Most read from the victim's statement. "'He gives our organization a lot of money.'"

While the alleged victim says she can't remember if Cleaves penetrated her, Most says the young woman had bruises and scrapes on her knees, elbows, wrists and arms.

Prosecutor: "The bruising on the upper arms and wrists are those consistent with someone being held onto in your expert opinion?"

"Yes they could be," Most said.

But the defense was quick to argue those injuries could've been caused by anything, referencing admitted opioid use by the alleged victim and another statement:

"It says 'I kissed him,'" said Frank Manley, the defense attorney.

"It could be, yes," said Most.

Also back on the stand was witness Coleen Dowdall who says she heard Cleaves yelling at the woman and saw him dragging her into his room twice. Both of them were naked. Dowdall testified the young woman eventually ran into Dowdall's room.

Manley: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but she never said rape did she?"

"No," Dowdall said.

Dowdall says the intoxicated woman was crying hysterically and asking for her mother. Dowdall overheard the woman say she didn't want to press charges when police arrived.

"She said she had sex and she laid there," Dowdall said. "She said she laid there and just took it because she couldn't fight him off - that's what she said."

Dowdall says she eventually reached the young woman's boyfriend on the phone, agreeing to come pick her up. But the defense once again, accused prosecutors of hiding evidence.

"To stand up in open court and say that it's not relevant, that a guy accused of rape, is calling the boyfriend at the exact same time that he is supposedly raping her," Manley said. "She should be jumping up and putting that in -- that is so relevant there's nothing more relevant than that."

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