Man steals underwear from washer during open house

- A Jackson couple had a weird feeling when a potential home buyer visited their home - that intuition was right. 

He was caught on camera rifling through the dirty laundry going for the underwear. It looks like maybe he's just checking out the washer and dryer but the video shows the guy is after underwear, specifically men's boxer briefs. 

Here he is picking through the clothes until he finds a pair - shoving them in his pants. He's not done, he then goes for a second pair and casually walks away. 

"It was disturbing to say the least," said Benjamin Carroll, the homeowner.

Benjamin Caroll is trying to sell his Jackson area home so they decided to have an open house. Not realizing who they were opening up to.

"Violated is the word I think I would use as a man I don't think I would ever feel this way," Carroll said. "It's strange to say the least."

He is out two pairs of Reebok underwear. He says this can't be the boxer-brief bandit's first time. 

"I honestly just want to know why," he said. "It's the strangeness of the situation I'm not mad or anything." 

He filed a police report and the realtors in the area have been notified to watch out.

"I am not entirely surprised, there are all sorts of people looking at houses," said realtor Lisa Nederlander.

Nederlander says she sees more and more people installing in-home security cameras, adding another added layer of protection if you are showing your home. 

All jokes aside - this creep has actually shaken Ben's family up.

"I'm building a house and I'm actually going to build more security into my home," he said.

They've got another showing this weekend and they're asking a lot more questions before opening up their home. 

"If someone can do this who is invited in my house what happens with someone who is not," he said.

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