Non-union workers to restart road construction in Michigan

- Non-union workers will be used to replace union workers to continue construction on Michigan roads, reports Tim Skubick today.

The decision came after Gov. Rick Snyder's update that no deal had been reached between union members and contractors as of Tuesday afternoon. 

The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association and Local 324's contract expired in June. 

"Our public is not going to be happy about this," Gov. Rick Snyder said. "I am not happy."

The lockout on 150 road projects started Sept. 4. Snyder personally entered the talks Tuesday morning - but instead of a deal, he sent everybody back home.

"The situation is challenging," he said. "Very challenging. I didn't see the point of continuing the dialogue."

Some in the state have asked about Snyder declaring a State of Emergency.

"It's not as simple as declaring a state of emergency and having them all go back to work," Snyder said. "Again, much of this is under federal labor law."

Unlike the president, the governor has zero power to order anyone to do anything. Snyder says he is exploring state options.  At some point if the union and the contractors are still at odds, he will make a call.

"To be open, I am most likely to go to them to let them know, here is the consequences of a failure to make progress," he said. "I don't know if I'd use (the word ultimatum) I have my own style, I am a relentless positive action guy and I believe in taking action."

SKUBICK: "Is it 'relentless positive' ultimatums?"

"I will let you decide how you want to describe it," Snyder said. "I am not going to use that terminology."

The governor could order some National Guard engineering units to do some limited work on I-696 in Macomb County and I-75 south of Detroit. 

"The role is not to come in and become the operating engineer's union and take over road projects," he said. "This is not a good situation."

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