Pastor: Project Green Light lets congregation feel safe

- Since the project's inception back in 2016 a total of 396 Green Lights are flashing day and night.
The program is intended to deter crime and ensure if it does happen, the Detroit police are watching. Pastor Richard Lamont Smith saw the benefits immediately. 

"It serves as a deterrent, but it also allows for those in our community who find themselves in an uncomfortable situation to find refuge," he said.

Project Green Light allows the police to monitor security cameras directly. To opt in, you pay $450 to $1,000 up front for equipment and a monthly fee from $140 to $180.
A majority of the businesses taking part in Project Green Light are fast food restaurants, gas stations and party stores. But a church? Pastor Smith's was the first church to join the back in May of 2017.

"If you are going to support somebody, support them," Smith said. "And we said we're supporting the mayor, this is one of his initiatives, let's do it."

The pastor of the Chapel Hill Baptist Church says he got involved in order to make his congregation feel safe about a year ago. 

But it has been so well received, the congregation is making sure that Green Light is not going away.

"It is a congregational effort, it is not just one person, it was all of us," Smith said.

His church is located on Joy Road near Grand River and has plans to expand the program to the corner where they are renovating a youth center. 

"Being of assistance is community," Smith said. "And that is what we've got to be about - community."

And while this pastor is taking steps to ensure the 1,500 families of his congregation are kept safe, he luckily hasn't had to put the precautions to the test. 

"So far it's been a good deterrent and that is the main thing," Pastor Smith said. "We hope to never have to use it."

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