Suspect in murder of Holly jogger says he is innocent

It's been more than three months since a Holly woman was shot and killed while jogging in rural Oakland County.

Her murder remains unsolved but now FOX 2 has learned at least one person was taken into custody for questioning - but he said he had nothing to do with Alexandra Brueger's death.

On October 18th, Brian Perigo would go from being a Rose Township resident to a suspect in the murder of Alexandra Brueger.

Last July, someone shot the 31-year-old woman four times in the back as she jogged down Fishlake Road. Police right away say they were looking for a white or light colored sedan.

And when a tip recently came in - investigators thought they had their man.

"I was in shock, I  was devastated," he said. "They went to my work, my daughter's school, my folks' house. It has been really traumatic."

While he was taken to jail, Perigo says police interrogated his family, friends and boss, impounded his white car, tore up his home and garage and destroyed his boat..

"They completely ripped them out of the floor," he said. "(They were) looking for gun bullets, whatever."

Police seized a map out of his car - and their phones and his daughter's tablet. No guns or bullets were found.

Perigo was told investigators were looking for any evidence that may link him to the murder, including a pair of sandals surveillance images show the suspect they believe was wearing at the time.

"He kept asking me questions and showing me pictures," he said. "I said that's not me, I don't wear sandals.

"He asked if I would take a polygraph, I said absolutely. I have nothing to hide, I went down, took a polygraph and passed it."

Perigo says his life was turned upside down all because of a bogus tip. According to the search warrants, they were signed Oct. 17th. But Perigo wasn't picked up for blowing through a stop sign until the next day - which Perigo claims never happened.

Michigan State Police would only tell FOX 2 no suspects have been cleared and they are looking for any information about Brueger's murder.

The reward has been increased to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. But Perigo hopes police do a better job when it comes to getting their guy.

"It is ridiculous they are wasting their time on somebody like myself when there is somebody out there who has done it," he said.

Perigo says he wants to take legal action against the person who made the false police report, while investigators say he remains a suspect in the investigation.

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