Walled Lake candidate and pastor accused of posting racist, sexist, homophobic comments

- A series of social media posts by a pastor running for Walled Lake city council has some concerned.

The pastor, Carson D. Lauffer, also known as Dan Lauffer, has allegedly been posting racist, sexist, and homophobic comments on several Facebook stories. One post saying "those who understand that most blacks do not act fit to be in a civil society may be correct."

Lauffer also commented on a story about female athletes saying "where's her Tampax earrings," and asked if Disney World has a Gay Pride day, why not an alcoholics, pedophile, abortionists or bestiality day.

He was asked last month during an interview with the Oakland County Times why he was even running.

"Well I'm retired and I was bored," he said.

FOX 2's Erika Erickson caught up with Lauffer before heading in to Wednesday's city council meeting.

Erika: There's a few quotes here.

Lauffer: They're all false - there's not truth in any of them.

Erika: "Those who understand that most blacks do not act fit to be in a civil society may be correct."

Lauffer: I did not say that.

But when asked about Gay Pride day, he said he "might have" said that.

Erika:  You think that's OK to say?

Lauffer: We do believe in free speech don't we?

Erika: How do you think people feel when you say homosexuals are possessed by demons?

Lauffer: I don't know whether they are or not.

Claiming some of the comments have been taken out of context, Lauffer says he's already got support from current council members.

Erika: Does Susan Helke support you?

Lauffer: Yes.

Then Erika asked Susan why she supported Lauffer.

Helke: I didn't say that I did.

Erika: So you don't?

Helke: I didn't say I didn't.

Erika: Do you support him?

Helke: I'd rather not comment.

Erika: Why are you saying things like this?

Lauffer: Because most of them are true.

Lauffer: Disneyland isn't here for example - for one thing.

Erika: That doesn't matter.

Lauffer: I don't think I said that.

Lauffer: I'd like an old white man's day. Suppose I'll have one? Really? This is Fox News.

Erika: I don't feel like you're taking this seriously at all.

Lauffer: I don't. At all.

Erika: Why? People are hurt by this.

Lauffer: I don't believe it.

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