Woman says Wellness Plan doc sexually assaulted her

- A doctor accused of sexual assault. His accuser says, she has proof and a police report.

After feeling uncomfortable about her doctor visits last month, a woman decided to record it with her cell phone. The doctor is now under investigation.

The 49-year-old suffers from a myriad of medical problems says she began seeing an adult medicine doctor at The Wellness Plan on W. Grand Boulevard in Detroit back in 2009.

"Everything was fine, I thought he was an okay doctor, I was getting my medication," she said. 

She says she saw him monthly to get her prescriptions filled - Norcos and other medication she depended on until one day she claims he threatened to stop prescribing her pills.

"He told me that he had to stop medication, I said 'Oh my God,'" she said. "He said we can figure this out though if you 'grease me.' I was like huh? He, you know, pulled down his pants."

The woman says she proceeded to perform oral sex on her doctor.

"I wanted my pain medication, I didn't want it to stop," she said.

The patient also says she complained to her doctor about a cyst on the outside of her leg. She claims he told her he needed to perform a pelvic exam. She says multiple times, with no nurse in the room, and the doctor never wore gloves.

"I never really thought he wasn't using a glove until he scratched me," she said. "I'm like oh my God doctor you scratched me. Shouldn't you have a glove on? It immediately came to me then. He said 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry.'"

The Redford woman says she went straight to Detroit police and filed a complaint.

The patient says she always felt uncomfortable seeing this doctor - that's why she decided to record her last appointment with her cell phone. Her attorney Dionne Webster-Cox let us hear off-camera the disturbing exchange. 

"I thought it was atrocious," Cox said. "People have to feel safe when they go to the doctor, to know their doctor has their best interest at heart. That their doctor is there to help them, not hurt them, not take advantage of them."

She says administrators at The Wellness Plan have since heard the recording and have placed the doctor on administrative leave while they investigate.

Webster-Cox says she obtained the patient's medical records and what she found most troubling was the doctor never documented the pelvic exams although you can clearly hear one of the procedures on the cell phone recording.

"In a position of power he takes advantage and when I looked at the medical records it is almost like he was grooming a victim," Cox said.

This woman says she wish she would have spoken up sooner, but she is now - in hopes of preventing other woman from going through the same pain.

"I know there are other women out there and I know he didn't have our best interest at heart," she said. 

FOX 2 called The Wellness Plan several times, eventually speaking to the manager. He said someone from compliance would respond. FOX 2 is still waiting to hear back. 

The victim and her attorney say they are cooperating with the investigation and plan to pursue this case civilly.

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