Rats! Royal Oak man is on a mission to rid neighborhood of vermin

A Royal Oak man is on a mission. Even in this frigid weather, rats are infesting his neighborhood.

He is hoping others will join him to rid the area of the rodents - in a story not for the squeamish.

Ron Novak doesn't wear a captain's hat for nothing.

"Someone has to take charge, right," he said.

Novak is leading the charge against an army of big fat rats that he says have invaded his Royal Oak neighborhood.

"They're here, they are back," said Chrissy Novak. "We had to get on it right away."

"We are up to 13 kills in less than two weeks," Ron said. "It's just hard to say what the actual amount of rats are here - until we actually find out how many more can we can get."

Experts estimate there are as many rats in Royal Oak as the amount of residents. According to Wikipedia, the city had about 57,000 as of the 2010 census.

If you are wondering how big the rats are, tip to tail most are as big as as a size-13 shoe which are circling this Royal Oak neighborhood.

"They're out forging for food," Ron said. "They are out looking for sustenance and also, I think they have found some places where they feel comfortable and they start to have their pups."

One rat Novak killed weighed almost a pound and a half.

Novak is aggressively setting rat traps, but he has a hard time keeping up with the creepy critters that are coming in the backyard. 

The rat tracks show a long tail dragging behind and big holes they've dug to burrow in the back of the shed.

What people don't realize, it's not the cities' responsibility when it comes to keeping the vermin away - it's yours.

Other keys to keep the rats away are get rid of the garbage, don't feed the birds and be sure to pick up the dog feces

"I love birds, I wish I could have a bird feeder, I choose not to do it because I rather not have the rats," Chrissy said. "I don't put bread out, that's just asking for them to come."

"We're making fun with it," Ron said. "We're having some fun, but it's a problem we want to take care of, and we might as well have fun doing it."    
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