A new app helps make your house safe for baby

In Healthworks, preventable injuries send millions of kids to the hospital every year and many times they happen right around the house. So, it's so important to make the house safe for baby. How do you do it? Well there's an app for that.

Lara Mckenzie has been an injury prevention researcher for more than a decade, so when she became a mom, she thought home safety would come naturally.

"It struck me professionally that we have not made this easy for parents, we have not made the process of protecting your children in your home an easy task," said Lara Mckenzie, PHD, from Nationwide Children's Hospital.

And she knew she had to help change that, due to the alarming statistics.

"The number one cause of death among children in the United States are preventable accidents and according to the CDC it's the leading cause of death. Increasing awareness is really important. The second thing is to make an impact so we really want to reduce the number of accidents among children," said Elicia Azali from Nationwide Insurance. 

In partnership with Nationwide Insurance and as an element of the company's Make Safe Happen Program, Mckenzie developed a home safety app, with the goal of making it easier for all parents to keep their kids safe. A tool Lara wishes she'd had when she was preparing her home for her triplets. 

"It's going to give you tips for different things to do in each room of your house and it's all tailored for what age your children are, so you can anticipate what the next stage might be and the next safety tip you might have to do," said Mckenzie.

It's perfect for parents with kids of different ages, like Sharon Turchan, a mother of two. Here's how it works: parents simply select an age range for their children, choose a room, and the app pinpoints the areas that can be made safer. The app can also suggest types of safety products to install and where to install them. 

"I really like the app as far as it's customizable," said Sharon Turchan. "With busy lives, you don't really have time to figure out about all of the different safety products and they change so often, so it's nice to have access right on your phone."

 The app is called Make Safe Happen. It is free for iPhone or Android devices , you can download it in a matter of seconds. 
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