Michigan's newest proposed road solution would give cities, counties control, and it has bipartisan support

A new package of bills introduced at the legislature is taking a different avenue to fixing Michigan’s deteriorating roads - and it has nothing to do with raising the state’s taxes. Instead, more than a dozen proposals and bills introduced by the members of the state’s transportation committee would free up Michigan’s local governments to collect their own gas and registration taxes that would go directly to roads managed by those bodies.

Senate GOP frustrated with governor over Whitmer's 147 vetoes of budget

The GOP's budget differences with the governor were laid bare Wednesday following Whitmer's veto of 147 items from the legislature's proposed budget. After cutting more than a billion dollars from the proposal, there's chatter in Lansing that that money could be sent back to taxpayers.

Michigan’s flavored vaping ban is “shortsighted,” could harm more people than help, public health officials say

Michigan's ban the sale of flavored vaping products could harm more people than help. That's the sentiment that some public health officials feel about a blanket ban of a product that is less harmful to its users than those who smoke tobacco. However, Michigan's state health department feels because of a spike in vaping use among youth, it's a necessary order to carry out. Several health organizations agree with the state.