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Exit: John Engler; Auto show attention

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  • Teen shot at gets justice; Trump vs the press

  • Trump fires Sessions; women win big on election night

  • Let It Rip Weekend: Midterm election preview

  • The Pittsburgh synagogue attack; birthright citizenship

News Around Metro Detroit

  • Sex trafficking incident of teens spark girls shelter investigation

  • Former Sacred Heart nun resigns after admitting to sexual conduct over 50 years ago

  • 3 years later, no one is in jail over Flint tainted water

  • Timeline: The Detroit Auto Show through the years

  • ICE tried to deport U.S. citizen and Marine veteran in Michigan

  • Slowing and solving rust: how to protect your car in Michigan winters

What's Hot

  • How bright are you? Take our auto show headlight quiz and find out!

  • Tackling laundry stains with Jill of All Trades

  • Police seek volunteers to get drunk for them; many respond

  • Singer Chris Brown could face jail time in Tampa battery case


Posted: Jan 18 2019 06:44PM EST

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11 Beaumont nurses from one ward all pregnant

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  • Eleven nurses who deliver babies are all pregnant at the same time at Beaumont hospital in Troy.

    11 Beaumont nurses from one ward all pregnant

  • The Royal Police Department says a 31-year-old man is being held for the murder of his 73-year-old father who was found dead Thursday evening.

    Man suspected in Royal Oak father's murder after body found tied up

  • The worker was pinned between two tires and emergency crews raced to free him.

    Firefighters race to rescue man hit by semi-truck, stuck between tires

  • Two girls living in the Davenport Shelter where abducted and later found safe, police say their kidnappers are sex traffickers and that one of the girls was sexually assaulted.

    State investigating youth facility where girls became sex trafficking victims

  • Sr. Mary Finn admits she engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct more than 50 years ago as a director of novices in the Sisters Home Visitors of Mary Order.

    Former nun admits to sexual conduct with women

  • Do you have a cough? Well, chocolate could be a better cure than cough syrup, according to a new study.

    Study: Chocolate might be better for your cough than cough syrup

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Mourners pay their respects to Queen of Soul

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  • Mourners pay their respects to Queen of Soul

  • Portrait of American soul singer Aretha Franklin as she wears a strapless dress and pearl necklace and has her hair in a bun, 1977. (Photo bhy Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    Aretha Franklin through the years

  • PHOTOS: Funeral for murdered Bronx teen

  • Muhammad Ali's Michigan property is for sale for almost $2.9 million. Image: Cressyeverett.com via Toptenrealestatedeals.com

    PHOTOS: Muhammad Ali's 81-acre Michigan home for sale

  • PHOTOS: 'Horrific' school bus crash in NJ

  • Wyandotte storm damage.

    GALLERY: Photos of damage created by strong winds in Detroit area

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