Impeachment articles v Trump; Naval base shooting

On the panel is conservative pundit Jimmy JJ Johnson, attorney Chris Desmond, radio host Brandon Brice, pr expert and former reporter Greg Bowens. Arab American News Editor Osama Siblani joins the second panel.

First Trump impeachment hearing; Detroit blight teardown

Part 1 On Monday, the country was privy to the first public hearing in President Trump's impeachment inquiry. Was there a smoking gun, or just a lot of smoke? Are we any closer to the truth tonight than we were last week?

Founders Brewing Co. to donate all Detroit taproom profits after racial discrimination lawsuit

After settling a year-long racial discrimination lawsuit that embroiled Founders Brewing Co., the beer maker says it will reopen its Detroit taproom early next year. Promising to donate 100 percent of its profits to charity, the company is shifting its focus toward diversity by beefing up its inclusion program. Our panel debates if the brewery is taking the right step to regain the trust of Detroit. Panel: Timothy Tharp, Co-Owner of Checker Bar Karen Dumas, Media Consultant Charity Dean, Director of Detroit's Civil Rights Office Greg Bowens, PR Expert

Impeachment drama; Jeffrey Epstein-related news leak

The ongoing impeachment drama is one of the big topics on Let It Rip. Plus, Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but a reporter's hot mic moment is re-igniting the controversy about the news media and Epstein's powerful friends.

Protecting access to abortion in Michigan; remembering U.S. Rep. John Conyers

State Democratic lawmakers introduce legislation that will ensure access to abortion for Michigan women. The Reproductive Health Care Act would repeal existing laws that prohibit or restrict access to abortion. The bills are largely symbolic, though. The measures are going to be difficult to adopt in the Republican-controlled Legislature. Our panel also celebrates the life and legacy of former U.S. Rep. John Conyers.

The UAW-GM standoff as strike hits day 3

Our Let it Rip panel talks the UAW strike with GM. On the panel, Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley, auto analyst Paul Eisenstein, activist Greg Bowens, Ford line worker Brian Pannebecker, former GM worker Howard Mitchell and auto critic Henry Payne.