Let It Rip Weekend

With just 10 days left in his presidency, some lawmakers are pressing for Pres. Trump to be removed from office today. The final straw that rekindled calls for his impeachment. Plus, did racial bias play a role in police response to rioters at the Capitol? We debate this and more on Let It Rip Weekend.


Remembering Benny Napoleon with daughter Tiffani Jackson. State Representative Leslie Love and President & CEO of the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association discuss restaurant restrictions.

FOX 2 News Weekend

Pres. Trump breaking a 130-year tradition of not performing executions during a presidential transition. Let It Rip guests express the validity of Death Penalty and if there's any racial disparities involved.

FOX 2 News Weekend

Tomorrow, the Electoral College will certify the election. Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, who filed a lawsuit alleging fraud in Michigan's election, says the election results need to be un-certified. However, Vice-Chair of Wayne Co. Board of Canvassers Jonathan Kinloch says the action taken by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was legal. Their opinions go head up in Let It Rip Weekend.