Let it Rip Weekend: Oxford School Shooting

Oxford High School let Ethan Crumbley back into a classroom despite concerns about his behavior. Now, legal experts are asking why. Plus, threats of violence force dozens of schools to close, while others remain open. Who is ultimately responsible to keep students safe? And are new gun laws necessary to prevent future tragedies inside Michigan schools, or do the tools already exist? Charlie Langton's Guests: Dr. R.J. Webber, Assistant Superintendent Novi Schools; Amy Conway, Superintendent Gibraltar Schools; Ven Johnson, Attorney; Bill Kucyk, Owner, Action Impact Firearm Range

The Oxford school mass shooting tragedy

This special on the Oxford High School mass shooting includes Sheriff Michael Bouchard among an all-star panel, as we dissect the many feelings we are all working through.

Veterans Day special

A Veterans Day edition of Let It Rip where we learn from those who have sacrificed for our country and talk about the way forward.

Facebook whistleblower fallout and social media free speech

After stunning testimony from an ex-Facebook employee to Congress who said Facebook is tearing the country apart and endangering the lives of teens - especially young women - what can we do? Our panel looks at the impact and possible ways to address the social media conundrum.

Let it Rip Weekend: President Biden's Vaccine Mandate

President Joe Biden’s sweeping new vaccine requirements to stop the spread of the deadly Covid virus-have Republican governors- and others- threatening lawsuits. And while many details about the rules remain unknown, can the government tell us what to put in our body? This week' s panel: Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, Attorney Katherine Henry, Dr. Michael Busuito and Dr. Farhan Bhatti.

The botched US pull-out of Afghanistan

With hundreds or more Americans left behind, and a possible terrorist superstate now created in an unstable region, what can the US do next? Our panel breaks it all down.

Lawyers debate election-fraud aftermath

The 2020 election is over. Yet hundreds of pro-Trump lawsuits were filed challenging the results. But this week, a Michigan federal judge in a 110-page opinion -- threw out the recent lawsuit. She adds the Trump lawyers needs to learn the law. Debating is pro-Trump lawyer Greg Rohl and David Fink, who defended the City of Detroit.