Prosperous pastor fights back against activist accusations

- A  brawl breaks out inside a Detroit church as an activist accuses the pastor of not doing enough to help his impoverished community.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson appears to live a lavish lifestyle -- but tonight he's telling FOX 2 -- that doesn't mean he doesn't give back. Jackson says he wants the leader of New Era Detroit prosecuted.

He says a warrant will go out for the arrest of the man who came into his church building disguised and tried to launch a demonstration during the worship service. The cameras inside Great Faith Ministries were rolling when New Era Detroit attempted to protest during a worship service

It was Bishop Wayne T. Jackson's birthday and he says the community activist group did the unthinkable by violating a sacred place.

"How dare you come into a place where there are children where there's elderly and widows and grandmothers and do such a thing? It's wrong and you can't justify it," he said.

Jackson sounded off on "New Era Detroit's Church Accountability Effort" in which the group protests black churches it feels doesn't do enough for the community.

But Jackson says churches don't answer to New Era Detroit.

"Who made him, who voted for him, did the governor put him in office," Jackson said. "Who made him the deputy for black folks or black churches."

Zeek the leader of the activist group accused Jackson of living a lavish lifestyle, driving luxury cars and  not helping the neighborhoods surrounding the church.

But Jackson says he's been pastoring and serving the community for 30 years.

"I have bought washers and dryers for elderly people," he said. "We have taken and had dinners at my home for school children for dinners at my home for school children. I have people living in my home right now that were homeless and they're not paying me a dime."

Jackson says he conducts regular food giveaways for the poor, Thanksgiving dinners for the needy, has created jobs for ex-cons and even given away homes.

"I've been a pastor for 30 years now," Jackson said. "And we've been serving the community for 30 years."

Jackson says Zeek lied when he said members were told to go the ATM give a thousand dollar offering. He says there are no ATMs in the church and people were simply honoring him on his birthday.

"My birthday I have several pastors in this city that are my spiritual sons," Jackson said. "They came to celebrate my birthday. They have churches. They were bringing a thousand dollar love gift for my birthday."

Jackson says the altercation that broke out during the New Era protest during the service, could lead to legal trouble for New Era Detroit.

Jackson has said he is an astute businessman and does not have to apologize for his lifestyle. Zeek from New Era Detroit did not respond with a comment for this story by its deadline.

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