DDOT unveils the Dart App - the new way to pay for public transportation in Detroit

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Signing up is pretty simple: Download the app, make an account, add your payment info and you're good to go.

Introducing the DART App, Detroit's newest (and easiest) way to pay for all your public transit needs.

"I was already a bus rider, but the ability to ride the bus for $2 for four hours saves me a ton of money," said Kristina Curtiss, a Wayne State University ambassador. 

There are plenty of passes up for grabs too: Four hour passes, 24 hour passes, 7 day passes, and even 31 day passes. The prices range as well, but the crux of the Department of Transportation's newest feature is to deploy convenience as you take advantage of the city's buses.

"This is a game changer because between all the agencies, we're just trying to make it easier to be mobile in the metro Detroit area," said Jennifer Frye, the marketing manager for DDOT.

Not everyone is ready to get on board however. Ari-Chanel Washington said she probably wouldn't buy the pass because of the 15 cent fee. Instead, her concern lies more with DDOT's punctuality.

She waited over an hour for her bus on Thursday, a bus that never showed up.

"They're always late," she said.

While the department does acknowledge the system is a work in progress and they are addressing the issues, they ask you call 313-933-1300 to let customer service know what happened.

Patience is key, and if your patient long enough, the Dart App will go online for the QLine as well.