Boxing serves as medicine for Parkinson's

You take music, motivation, and movement and it adds up to a pretty good dose of medicine for people impacted by Parkinson's Disease. Meet some of the people who have bought into the formula.

Multivitamins - do they work?

A hotly-debated issue among doctors and medical experts is multivitamins and whether they work. Here's what Dr. Mark Moyad of the University of Michigan has to say on them.

What's your risk for breast cancer?

The best place to start looking for your risk of breast cancer is the family tree. Dr. Dana Zakalik, a breast medical oncologist at Corewell Health, has more information.

Mother and daughter battle breast cancer together

Brenda Rushlow, a mother, and Pamela Haddox, her daughter, both have metastatic breast cancer. They're battling the illness together after receiving a diagnosis. Both women have found bright spots along the way.

Student Heart Checks Encouraged for Teen Athletes

Dr. Silvestre Duran, Corewell Health Beaumont Children's Pediatric Cardiologist and Jen Shea, Beaumont Student Heart Check Program Manager, discuss the importance of regular heart scans. Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of deaths among student athletes.