Shady PPE businessman gets unmasked

According to Lalit Verma's Linkedin page, he's an international business mogul. Now he's a man on the run looking for protection from his customers and from his investors.

Let us prey? Religious group defector says he escaped a cult

Craig Stasio was an unlikely Christian mentor. He had been married 3 times, filed bankruptcy twice and had an incident where he admitted to the state licensing board sexual misconduct with one of his female employees. One of the former followers of Stasio's religious group wants to share his story - and Rob Wolchek investigates.

Ex-lawyer knee deep in dirty deeds

Rob Wolchek is going to take you on an adventure into dirty deed-land a place where the notaries seem to forget their notes. And the guy who seems to be knee-deep in deeds denies he's the top deed dog.