Facebook Marketplace fake steals real money

HALL OF SHAME: Jack Furne isn't even his real name - and he's left a trail of customers who paid real money for items that never existed - really mad. FInd out more, here - at 10 p.m.

Wolchek drives used car creep crazy

Hall of Shame: A Macomb County used car salesman can rattle off stories like a champ - when he wants to make a sale. Rob Wolchek tracks him down tonight at 10.

Customers say country contractor is just a con

TONIGHT at 10: A country contractor gets tracked down. "I've seen you do reports on these guys and I've thought I never want to be that guy," he said. Rob Wolchek: "You're going to be that guy."

Hall of Shame: Dirty duct cleaner won't come clean

HALL OF SHAME: A duct cleaning company has a history of angry customers, high fees, different names and worst of all, work that many say was never done. Who are these guys? Rob Wolchek found out.