Facebook Marketplace fake steals real money

HALL OF SHAME: Jack Furne isn't even his real name - and he's left a trail of customers who paid real money for items that never existed - really mad. FInd out more, here - at 10 p.m.

Wolchek drives used car creep crazy

Hall of Shame: A Macomb County used car salesman can rattle off stories like a champ - when he wants to make a sale. Rob Wolchek tracks him down tonight at 10.

Customers say country contractor is just a con

TONIGHT at 10: A country contractor gets tracked down. "I've seen you do reports on these guys and I've thought I never want to be that guy," he said. Rob Wolchek: "You're going to be that guy."

Hall of Shame: Dirty duct cleaner won't come clean

HALL OF SHAME: A duct cleaning company has a history of angry customers, high fees, different names and worst of all, work that many say was never done. Who are these guys? Rob Wolchek found out.

Ex-lawyer with dirty deed past slapped with six felonies

Jack B. Wolfe was charged with six felonies, three counts of counterfeiting documents affecting interest in the property, and three counts of uttering and publishing as true documents. But Jack didn't turn himself in, so the police came out in force to his Southfield home.