WSU professor Dr. Marick Master on UAW negotiations

UAW's president Shawn Fain has signaled the key issues are still being worked out and the union and the companies are still far apart. Fain says close to 80 percent of what the union wants hasn't even been in the counter-proposals the companies are putting forward. Marick Masters, a labor expert at Wayne State, says the big three are struggling to catch up on electrification.

Recession looming with the deficit's growth?

Dr. Michael Greiner, an economy expert at Oakland University, says there are signs people will have less disposable income. The most interesting takeaway for him from the aforementioned survey is people who earn 100,000 or more are really feeling it - while people earning 50,000 or less are more optimistic.

Russia expert Aaron Retish on drone strikes

You have to take the drone attacks in aggregate. That's what Russia expert Aaron Retish from Wayne State University explains. The devastation is less in lives and physical destruction but more on the mirage that public sentiment is with the Kremlin.

Study: Michigan ranked top 10 state for business

Michigan is ranked a top 10 state for business according to a recent CNBC study. Job growth, advanced manufacturing, cost of living, and doing business are key factors in the rankings. Dr. Michael Greiner, an economy expert from Oakland University, has used the data from this annual study in his work. Greiner tells FOX 2's Hilary Golston the survey is very heavily weighted toward the human capital in a state.

Why a Russian coup nearly happened

Last weekend, a near insurrection in Russia almost flipped the Ukraine invasion. But a deal shortly after the near coup started put an end to the uprising. Wayne State Professor Aaron Retish explained the reasoning behind the rising up.

Expert: 'Failed Russian Coup is really mutiny'

Aaron Retish a specialist in late Imperial and Soviet history tells Fox 2's Hilary Golston the failed coup by Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group amounts to mutiny. Prigozhin has been exiled to Belarus as part of a deal to achieve something of a peaceful resolution.