Parents of U-D Mercy womens' basketball say coach is abusive

The allegations stretch back to the beginning of the season. parents say they thought the problems were isolated to just their own student-athletes. It wasn’t until all of the parents were on a Zoom call recently they learned all of the players had issues with the coach.

Shelby Township cracks down on residential grow operations

Since 2008, when growing medical marijuana was legalized, Shelby Twp. started receiving countless resident complaints about, odor, noise from multiple air condition units needed to grow, power outages and even fires. Officials haven't been able to do anything about it, until now.

Meijer offers COVID-19 vaccines for seniors 65 and older

Meijer will be conducting clinics at various stores throughout the state as vaccines become available - but you must register first online - with Meijer - then you'll be notified of when and where you'll be vaccinated.