Dog missing from Jacksonville found in Macomb County, reunited with owners

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How Roxy, a one-year-old English Bulldog, made her way from Jacksonville, Florida, to a Detroit suburb where she was found chained to a picnic will probably be a mystery. But she's headed home. 

Danielle Winters, of Jacksonville, said Roxy had been missing for about a month when she got a call that her precious family member had been found.

A few days ago, Michael Williams was collecting firewood at an abandoned home on Gratiot, just north of M-59 in New Baltimore, when he saw the English Bulldog. He said she was tied up - but he didn't want to take her, just in case she belonged to someone. 

For ten days, he fed her, gave her water, and checked on her. Then he saw her collar and a phone number from Florida.

Monday, Williams called the number and spoke with Winters. She was in Virginia at the time and drove 6 hours straight here to get her Roxy back.

Winters said Roxy disappeared on July 20th from the family's apartment. She said she wanted to charge whoever took her.

"I was hoping to get the address, so I could press charges. It's like stealing a family member. It's kidnapping a family member," Winters said.

She said she drove 17 hours to get to her precious dog - and will now be taking her home.