EBT program assures that Michigan students who get fed at school will still receive meals

"Certainly there's no issue more critical than making sure our students are fed and cared for," said Brian Gutman, The Education Trust Midwest.

When the coronavirus crisis closed schools, students who rely on free and reduced meals wondered how they would get food they need. 

 Now they won't go hungry thanks to the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Program. 

"What that means is great news for students over half of Michigan students in public schools about 750,000 get breakfast or lunch at school free or for a reduced price," said Gutman.

The pandemic EBT program allows for the value of those meals to be put on a debit card. The US Department of Agriculture runs the program and approved Michigan first.

"This is one more step of making sure Michigan is really leading the pack and making sure there's food security for everyone," said Gutman.

Eligible families will start getting notices next week and their cards at the beginning of next month. 

"This is just one more step making sure for our children there is food security for everyone," said Gutman.

For more information in the USDA's food response, click here.