What to expect in the Spring Housing Market

If you are looking to buy a home this spring, get ready for some competition. Frank Locricchio, broker and owner Realty Executives Home Towne, shares some tips for home buyers: Save cash you will need it to be competitive with your offers. (Appraisal Guarantees, Escalation Clauses, Buyers paid transfer tax, Extra occupancy, Quick Response Offer Bonuses) Meet with lender early and provide all documentation upfront to have a solid pre-approval. Give your best offer upfront, you may not have an opportunity to negotiate. Be prepared to do work or repairs. Look for hidden gems (Fixer Uppers) might be your opportunity to buy if you can do some work and updates. Set your expectations with the current conditions, most buyers need to decide with are the most important features because they may have to make sacrifices in their home purchases this time around.

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