Bakehouse46 makes Cider Donut Bread Pudding at the new location in Plymouth

Bakehouse46 is opening it's fourth location in Plymouth. There is a grand opening on Friday, March 18, 2022. The first 46 customers get $46 gift cards, there is a daily Happy Hour with items costing only 46 cents, drawings to win free treats for a year, and more. Bakehouse46 Cider Donut Bread Pudding Ingredients 6–8 servings Unsalted butter (for pan) 12 stale or fresh Bakehouse46 plain cider donuts 3 large eggs 3 cups heavy cream 3 Tbsp. brown sugar 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract ½ tsp. kosher salt 1 tsp nutmeg 1 Tbsp. cinnamon Suggested Toppings: Fruit Preserves Fresh fruit Powdered sugar Whipped cream Preparation Step 1 Preheat oven to 325°. Butter a 2-qt. baking dish. Breakdown BH46 donuts by tearing or cutting them into inch size pieces. Step 2 Vigorously whisk eggs, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon in a large bowl until light, uniform, and foamy. (You can also process in a blender until combined if you want.) Add BH46 donuts to bowl with custard. Gently toss and push down on them so that they absorb maximum liquid without falling apart. Let sit 5 minutes, then lighting toss to make sure full coverage. Step 3 Transfer donuts mixture and any remaining custard to prepared baking dish. At this point you can make the choice to add Preserves or fresh fruit to the top of the bake. Bake bread pudding, rotating pan halfway through, until puffed, golden brown, and bubbling along the edges, 50–60 minutes. Step 4 Let donut pudding cool 20 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar. Serve with whip cream alongside for pouring over.

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