The Silver Shamrocks Sunday Bean Braise

Sunday Bean Braise 1lb of any dried beans (borlotti, gigante, pinto, kidney, black etc.) OR Canned 1 Medium Onion (diced) 2 Carrots (diced) 2 Ribs of Celery (diced) 2 Cloves Garlic (chopped) 2 Bay leaves Any herbs-Sage, Thyme, Parsley 1 Cheese rind (if available) 2 T Olive oil Salt and Pepper 4 C Chicken or Vegetable Stock or Broth 1 lb of Beans- Dry Beans- soak 2 hours-overnight Canned- Strain, and rinse, add to pot Saute celery, carrots, onion and garlic with olive oil in stockpot Add cooked or canned beans to stockpot (cooked beans take about 1-3 hours, canned beans about 30 minutes) along with stock Add your choice of herbs, cheese rind, bay leaves, generous sprinkle of salt and pepper Bring to a simmer and stir occasionally while liquid reduces. Stir and feel free to smash some beans as they soften. This makes the broth have a nice mouthfeel and taste rich. Near the end of cooking time feel free to add any additional flavors depending on your intended use. Tomatoes, spinach, bacon, fresh lemon juice,red wine vinegar or roasted veggies work well. Don’t forget to remove bay leaves and cheese rind! Cooking is done when beans are tender Enjoy your braised beans in a variety of recipes all week. Some Ideas- Tailgates- Spread over tortilla chips or in a bag of Fritos for a “walking taco” Meatless Monday dinner- fill a baked potato, add some bacon bits and scallions Family gathering-Make a beef chili or a big pot of Pasta Fagioli soup After Kids sport’s practice- Wrap up in a tortilla shell with salsa and sour cream Last minute dinner party- Dollop over a garlic rubbed grilled baguette slices, serve with a glass Pinot Noir. And many more, use your imagination.

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