A family-sized recipe perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration

This is a family-sized recipe perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration! Village Market’s Chophouse Creamed Corn 6# Frozen Corn 3 small Shallot 4ea Garlic, cloves 1pint Heavy Cream 1qt Half & Halfand Half 1/4cup Corn Starch 2tbsp Salt 1/4cup Sugar In a medium sized pot over medium heat cook shallot and garlic until translucent in two tablespoons of cooking oil. Add the heavy cream, half and half and the cornstarch to the pot, turn the heat up to medium high making sure to stir constantly with a rubber spatula. Make sure to get in the corners so no lumps occur. Don’t stop stirring until the mixture starts to boil. You should notice it start to thicken. Once the mixture is boiling add corn to the pot and reduce heat to medium. Stir occasionally until bubbling then add the sugar and salt to taste. Remove from heat and use the hand mixer to blend up some of the corn, you still want most to be whole kernels. Pour into food container and refrigerate until ready to serve!

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