2018 wedding flowers and fashion trends with Emerald City Designs

If it feels like spring outside - and it smells like spring outside - it's spring, regardless of what the calendar says. That means its time to talk wedding trends for 2018!

David McKnight is the owner and founder of Emerald City Designs and his business tries to make some things easier as the big day approaches. He explains the trends of 2018 and what the process is like when you come in to pick out your flowers for the big day.

So what's hot for weddings this year? The Farmington Hills designer has the answer:

1. Boho chic bridal bouquet, unstructured with lots of textures and contrasting colors. Very popular right now to show muted tones and darker tones with:
Pink Mondial Roses
Star blush spray roses
Wild smilax
Purple veronica
Black ranunculus
2. matching bout with scabiosa pod, starblush spray rose bud

3. Flower girl pomander square, with matching florals, ribbons, (I can have more description of this when I make it on Monday) full concept is not there yet.

4. Centerpiece with matching floral built in a gold glass revere bowl. Heavily textured and cascading with unstructured designs to carry the theme through the event