Using holiday greens around the house with Jill of All Trades

This week on Jill of All Trades, Jill Washburn gives us some great ideas on using natural holiday greens around the house.  

First, Jill starts outside with cut greens in the flowerboxes on her house. She uses a mix of greens, but you can use all one variety, if you wish. Jill says that there's no fussing required. 

Just lay some across the box and then take a few more and stick the ends in the dirt, as if they're growing. Jill fans them slightly toward the ends of the box and throws in a string of Christmas lights for good measure.  The lights at night are magical and give a soft glow to the windows of the house.

Next, Jill takes us inside and shows us how she uses fresh green to fill in and fill out her Christmas tree.

If you've got a natural tree that is sparse in places, an artificial tree that needs filling out, or you just want to add some of that evergreen smell to the house, you can take cut branches of evergreen and just lay them into the tree. It takes no time at all and it can really make your tree look great. Just make sure, Jill says, that the branches are freshly cut, so that they'll last the season.

Last, Jill shows us how she takes whatever is left and arranges them in vases with water in them. She uses them almost like flowers. They add life to the house and, again, that fresh evergreen smell. Remember to refill the water, if it gets low. That way, you'll get the maximum lifespan out of them.

*Jill's Extra Tip*  If you buy a fresh tree and they trim some branches off the bottom to give you a fresh cut, make sure you ask if you can take those home, as well. If you need additional fresh greens, many tree lots will sell you bundles of them. Often, they are very affordable.

You can watch Jill take you through these tips by clicking on the video player above.