Wings fans aren't happy to see Little Caesars logo on roof of new arena

The progress on Little Casears Arena is moving ahead but there's one part of the building that's the talk of the town - and Twitter.

Yesterday, the official Twitter page for the arena tweeted out drone footage showing the newly-painted roof of the building. The mascot for the pizza chain is on the top.

Ringing in at 243 feet, it's the largest Little Caesar in the world. But, locals aren't pleased.

Many  took to social media to point out this isn't what was originally "promised" in the renderings. The original rendering showed an LED roof with the Red Wings logo.



Not everyone is taking issue with it, though.

Others are pointing out it's a fitting tribute to Mr. I, and, of course, that those who pay the money get to make the decisions. 

Also, since the Pistons are playing there now, too, an exclusive Red Wings logo wouldn't make much sense on the roof. 

Of course, things could be worse, too...

"I did hear they were going to put the Little Caesars guy on top, but I thought it was going to be one of those standing [guys] ... like the Big Boy," Maurielle Lue told us on The Nine. You can hear more of their discussion in the video player above.