'313 Liberation Zone' sets up police free zone on Jefferson with defund DPD message for an hour

A group calling itself the 313 Liberation Zone set up what they called a police free autonomous zone Thursday night.

At Jefferson and E. Grand Blvd, the large group of about 30 demonstrators, blocked traffic on to Belle Isle for about an hour. The event was peaceful and there were no arrests.

"Today we came out as a community to support Black Lives Matter,” said Aidan Daniels. “Basketball, Four Square, hopscotch, jump rope.”

Things you would normally do at a park, but not in the middle of a busy street.

“I can see if we tried to put this out here and not have a blockade and have cars bulldoze right through us,” said Raynard Lanier, Jr. “We have some great supporters who came out here, blocked off this section, blocked off this section. To the point where the police came out and made it, look like they were helping us too. They blocked off the streets on the outside.”

The group says they chose this area to set up their liberation zone, so people will pay attention.

The 313 Liberation Zone calling wants money to be taken out of the Detroit Police Department's budget and re-allocated to the Parks and Recreation Department.

“The police kept their distance from what the group called a "police free zone" but they made it clear the group would not be able to stay out here all night.

A short time later the 313 Liberation Zone packed up and left peacefully.

We asked them if they would be back.

“We're going to be out here as long as the city doesn't take action and listen to our demands,” said Leon Hister.