But wait, there isn't more! As Seen on TV Store closing

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You're up late at night and a commercial comes on for a product that promises to change your life. 
Maybe, it was "The Clapper" or even "The Sham-Wow."  Problem Solver Rob Wolchek is wild for those gadgets.  But sadly, his go-to dealer is closing. What's a Problem Solver to do? 

Rob wants his Fame or Shame tests to have integrity. So he doesn't get the products for free from the makers, he buys the products. He usually gets them from one place - a store in the Great Lakes Crossing Mall.

Since the '90s, Rob has been testing those gizmos and goofy projects you have seen advertised on TV.

"I've been in business 23 years with the As Seen on TV Store, been in Great Lakes Crossing 20 years and a half," said Linda, the owner.

Rob could always call Linda and ask if she had the:

Bavarian Knife Sharpener. The Climb Cart. The Slip Stone Frying Pan. The Chia Pet. 

But at the end of the month, the store is closing. 

"This is a sad time, but also exciting, I am kind of semi-retiring on my next chapter enjoying my married life with my wonderful husband," she said.

Taking a stroll around the store brought back some great memories of Fame or Shame tests for Rob. Watch him relive them all in the video.