Drive sober or else - Charlie Langton shows what can happen

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Wednesday before Thanksgiving is considered the busiest bar night of the year, but if you are not careful you can end up in jail.

Charlie Langton shows a sobering look at how you could spend your Thanksgiving eve.

"We have stepped up enforcement and we have increased the officers on the road tonight," said Capt. Cortland Larry, Warren police.

After being taken into custody, it begins with the booking procedure when one is arrested for drunk driving. 

Thanksgiving is one of the deadliest holidays in the state for traffic crashes.  And police across the state will begin- high visibility enforcement of drunk driving laws.   

"It's not made for comfort it's not made to be an enjoyable experience," said Capt. Larry. "It is a little demoralizing but you have to understand, we take drinking and driving very serious."

Everyone accused of drunk driving is given a "data-master" test or a breathalyzer for short. Anything measuring .08 is presumed drunk.

Charlie: "What happens if I refuse this Breathalyzer test?"

"Your license gets suspended for six months," Officer Dan Richardson said.

"If I don't take this breathalyzer you're going to go ask Judge to get a blood test out of me?"


And the judge will sign off -and you will be taken to the hospital -and your blood will be drawn- And you'll still have your mug shot taken -and your fingerprints as well.  

All this can be avoided with safe alternatives like Uber, Lyft or by getting a designated driver.

And because this is a holiday weekend the next time you might get out of jail would be, next Monday, depending on the charges.